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What’s New

All Sci-fi.
All The Time

Watch Binge-Worthy

Watch Weird or What with William Shatner on DUST for free.

Short films

Constance Wu has 9 minutes to live in this installment of DUST films.

New Original

'ALT' follows a woman as she receives cryptic messages from her dead father.

Watch Innovative

DUST FLOW is film series designed to relax your mind.

corey hawkins Listen Premium
Audio Dramas

Corey Hawkins stars in CHRYSALIS, a podcast about an AI set on revenge.

What is Dust?
A Never Ending Mission To find The world’s best sci-fi stories

DUST presents thought-provoking visions of the future by seeking the best sci-fi stories from filmmakers, writers and creators across the globe.

DUST creates and curates innovative movies, bold new series, groundbreaking short films, and immersive podcasts that push the boundaries of science fiction and bring them to a platform near you.

The Dust Community

We’re a community of filmmakers, industry professionals, and sci-fi aficionados looking for the next big thing in sci-fi.